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Incredible as it may seem, Lipton Tea didn’t make it to the Spanish market until 2009. A country where coffee is king, this would be an interesting challenge. Before the launch of Lipton Tea, salesmen had to be convinced of the product’s dynamic and lively personality. Attitude was far more important than figures for the first annual sales meeting.

Sensations were the key to change the audience’s approach to tea. The classic “slide presentation event” was substituted for a “sensorama”, a cylinder in which its perimeter was a complete projection screen. Images, sound, textures, smoke and all kind of audiovisual tricks took the part of words, sketches and diagrams. From the Big Bang itself to Lipton’s harvests, we delivered a sensorial journey led by a famous TV host. Tea had another meaning with Lipton, and this event was the starting point!

“Some salesmen came from such Unilever brands as AXE. How could we convince them that such a product as “tea” had to be regarded as seductive and fun? We managed to do it by doing quite the opposite of what they’d expect from a sales meeting. It was fun and captivating. And that was our goal.”


Jordi Berenguer
Lipton Brand Marketing Manager

EuBEA (Europe) – SECOND PRIZE – Best Audio/Video/Lighting Production
EIBTM AWARDS (Europe) – Best Product Launch

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