Posted on May 7, 2010

Global Events Wins ISES Big Apple Award; Recognized for Best PR / Marketing. Initiative for Re-Launch of Helmsley Hotel

The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel had recently upgraded and renovated its top seven floors, and was ready to re-brand the space as Top of the Park Lane, a more upscale hotel within the hotel. The objective of the event was to generate buzz among key industry influencers that the new rooms were in a different class than the rest of the property.

To truly change people’s perceptions though, simply displaying the new rooms would not be enough. Influencers needed to see first-hand the types of guests that would now be staying in the rooms, and they needed a narrative to pass along about the property.

Global Events created four mini-plays within four different types of rooms and suites on the renovated floors, with character actors portraying fictional guests staying there. An off-Broadway theater director casted the performances with real actors. The scripted dialogue was lively and entertaining (and short, 3-5 minutes each), and wove the selling points of the property into their lines.

About the Event:

Guests arrived to a reception at the penthouse, formerly the apartment of the late Leona Helmsley, and were given escorted tours through the 4 vignette rooms. Playbills were handed out to give them an overview of each scene.

Scene 1: A French model / diva talking to her agent in her bathrobe, complaining to make sure her rider demands are met, and through this we learn of the hotel’s superior service (e.g. they send someone up to draw her bath).

Scene 2: A TV journalist preparing to interview a movie star. Before the camera is on the star is very polished, cultured and well spoken, talks about bidding on art, finance, etc. (and how the room is a smart investment). He then removes his sweater to reveal a black t-shirt, puts on some bling, and on-camera is a gang-banger from the hood.

GE Wins ISES Big Apple Award