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The 2009 European Vodafone Sales Force Convention was a major challenge. With the recession in full swing and price becoming ever so important, the goal was to motivate the sales force to compete on quality and not price…with humor!

Let’s do a take on Saturday Night Live, as a vessel to explain the company’s competitive strategy and vision. This time, humor had the leading role, not the company’s executives. Three different stages, stand-up comedy, wrestlers, live music, dating game shows, gossiping housewives…crazy as it was, the script allowed the cast to explain a most uncomfortable message in a most friendly and amusing way!

“Retail salesmen work for Vodafone franchises, not the company itself. Thus, it’s quite hard to change their ways, not to mention deliver controversial messages. With VNL! not only did they accept the new directives… they did it with a smile on their faces! We couldn’t believe it.”


Maribel Ferrero
Brand Manager

EX AWARDS (US) – GOLD AWARD – Best Single Venue B2B Event
EuBEA (Europe) – THIRD PRIZE – Best Internal Company Event
FIP (Latin America) – GOLD AWARD Best Motivational Event

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