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The European launch of the Nissan-Renault second generation Laguna. The audience included press, dealer sales teams and shareholders.

For four days, up to 1000 attendees flew to the heart of Morocco daily, where a convention and special gala dinner had been set up in the middle of the desert. A small town of Arabian tents had been built around a main street where the car presentation took place. An exclusive musical show that included water screens, dancers, video-projection, fire walls and a full equestrian art team delivered an unforgettable experience before the car itself rose from the desert sand. Besides being an artistic and logistic success, the event became a milestone in the event industry and a huge success for the client.

“We never thought it could be achieved. It was just too huge, with too many people and too many things to take care of… in the desert! It was great. We were extremely impressed. It set a new standard for our events. From then on, we’ve only worked with Global Events for our car presentations.”


Carmen Fernández
Internal Events and Promotional Actions Manager

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