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For the global launch of the third generation of Renault-Nissan’s top-selling super mini car, the Clio, there was a need to re-ignite the passion for the brand not just in the marketplace, but also within the global sales force. It was decided that Clio III’s launch needed to be a combined event of product presentation and training sessions, seamlessly integrated and with the ability to travel.

The concept to achieve this was developed around a transforming stage, which Global Events designed and built from scratch. A huge circular auditorium divided into 18 separate training rooms. An inner ring rotated and took teachers (and three cars!) from one room to the next, so attendees wouldn’t have to move from their seats. The greatest surprise came when all walls were removed and a thousand people realized they were the audience of a single, huge circular auditorium with a stage right in the centre. A choir backed by a spectacular audiovisual show introduced the new redesigned Clio.

“At first, I didn’t understand it. When I did, I couldn’t believe it could be built. But it happened. Once again, Global Events outdid themselves”


Carmen Fernández
Interntionall Events and Promotional Actions Manager

AME – New York Festival (US) – GOLD AWARD Events Marketing
PREMIOS EVENTOPLUS (Spain) – Best technical Support
PREMIOS EVENTOPLUS (Spain) – Jury Grand Prix
EuBEA (Europe) – Best Product Launch
EIBTM AWARDS – Best Event in Spain
FIP (Latin America) – CRYSTAL GRAND PRIX Corporate Events B2B
FIP (Latin America) – GOLD AWARD Best use of Technology for an Event
FIP (Latin America) – BRONZE AWARD Most Original Event

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